Infographic Design

Visual Evolution, London are infographic design agency, primarily based in London England.  We specialise in creative, affordable high end infographic design work, interactive and social media-friendly information graphics and graphic animations.

Infographics are an excellent way of promoting you company’s website through viral and social streams.  An intelligently created infographic design can increase the number of links to your site and help with the visibility of your site within search engine rankings.

What are infographics?

data_visualisation_2Information graphics or infographics are visual representations of information, research, data or knowledge. These data visualisations are used where complicated information needs to be explained quickly and clearly but they also have the potential to bring great beauty to otherwise uninteresting streams of data.

Infographics can also help your business get marketing data across the internet in the best visual representation possible. Aimed at driving targeted traffic to your website and great for generating natural links for your search engine optimisation strategy, infographics are a proven way get your information and content noticed and shared.

They have proven to be enormously successful online and are excellent tools for bringing new visitors to your website, as well as giving you value-added content that your competitors may lack.

Static Infographics

The static infographic is the bedrock on which the recent popularity of infographics is built. They are fantastic for getting across complex information and, if infographic_london_3well designed and promoted, provide a terrific boost to your site’s visitor traffic or brand’s user engagement. Static infographics work exceptionally well cross-platform too, making them tremendous content for your business or organisation’s social media channels.

Interactive Visualisations

The next level up from the static infographic, interactive and/or dynamic visualisations provide the user with more influence over how they consume the information. Despite their complexity they are becoming more and more popular.

Rather than present the information in a curated format, interactive and dynamic visualisations allow the viewer to navigate through the graphic, selecting where to drill deeper into the information. A well developed interactive infographic can contain a massive amount of information, providing the user with a far deeper engagement with your message. For publishers tracking the viewer’s journey through an interactive infographic can provide amazing insights into behaviour of the user and the most successful channels in which to publish content.

Animated Infographics

Infographics lend themselves fantastically well to animation and can provide an excellent platform for your message, much like a static infographic they also work excellently on a cross-platform, multi-channel basis. Whilst more expensive than a more basic option the user engagement gained by video is so good it always justifies the expense in terms of ROI (Return on Investment).

We work with a variety of animators, sound artists and film editors to ensure that your company’s message is conveyed with the maximum impact in the minimum time.

How Much do They Cost?

Prices for infographic design work, produced by professional infographic designers at Visual Evolution, London are based on a number of variables.  These include the amount of data included in the designed infographic, the complexity of the information, and most importantly, whether or not there is any research involved. Where clients provide their own data, it helps massively to reduce the project costs, but we are more than happy to factor research into a project if you require it.

Please get in touch if you are interested in a professionally designed infographic for your company.