Juventus FC – Soccer infographics for a Sports Superpower!

We are all sports fans, at Visual Evolution, London, and in particular keen followers of football (which you’ll know if you’ve seen our Analysis of the top 50 earners in World football infographic).  So when we were contacted recently by one of the greats of world football, Juventus FC, with a view to pitching a few ideas at them for the creation of some new data visualisations, we jumped at the chance.

Their project is still at a very early stage, so we don’t know if this relationship will develop further, but it has been a complete honour and pleasure working with them on a few idea so far!

We have produced three visualisations for them to date:

  • A story of their season (2010/2011) with various repackaged statistics about their performance in Serie A, this season
  • A Legends of Juventus infographic, celebrating some of the greats of the club, and illustrating a way that historical data about the finest players ever to play for the “bianconeri” could be presented on screen.
  • A (work-in-progress) calendar widget, designed to let users visually see their progress throughout the season, with roll-over hotspots to enable users to pick out matches and view additional data

All these infographics are very much unrefined pitches at this stage, so please excuse the rough edges and dodgy translations!  We are however, very pleased with the results and hope to develop the relationship with the club in future months.

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