How the BCS Diminishes College Football

At Visual Evolution, we like nothing better than getting our teeth stuck a nice juicy infographic about sports.
Our friends over at in California, had seen some of our previous sporting data visualisations, and thought our style was right for their study into the injustices behind the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) in the USA.

For any confused Brits, reading about the BCS for the first time, it is a ridiculously structured American Football tournament, intended to create five games featuring ten of the top-ranked college football teams in the United States. Rather than relying on direct competition to decide which teams should compete in these five games, the BCS relies on a combination of polls and computer selection methods to determine relative team rankings. The entire tragically flawed system is generally regarded as confusing, corrupt, unsporting and wildly unpopular.

The upshot of this system is poor quality games, unfair distribution of money, huge taxpayer subsidies for financial losses, obscene wages at the top, an un-American system of crowning a champion and a system where smaller, unpopular sides are never given a chance to become champions.

For the sake of sports fans everywhere, let’s hope the system gets changed soon.

How the BCS Diminishes College Football

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