GlobalWebIndex goes… erm Global!

So a few months back (see below) we blogged about an exciting new project we were undertaking with “social media research trailblazers” GlobalWebIndex.

Well, on Tuesday the fruits of our combined labour was released to the general public in the form of their (prematurely titled!) “Annual Report 2011”.  The study on which the report is based,  surveyed a total of 51,000 consumers globally, on the subject of their online usage, trends and behaviour.  The results of these surveys were then ground down by the boffins at Trendstream before being handed over to us for re-skinning and a little bit of beautification.

Upon the release of the report, the social networks have been buzzing with the news and findings of the reports, and to date, nobody has said anything horrible about the style and presentation of these figures – which is just about the best we could hope for!   Good design should enhance and support, but never distract from the real messages at the core of studies like these, so we are delighted at the public response and uptake of the report.

American technology news giants, “Mashables” (30+ million monthly pageviews – erk!) wrote a great piece on the report, which you can read here, and if you would like to view a slideshow of the entire report, you can do so below.  In addition, we have included a small gallery of our favourite bits and pieces from the presentation.  Working with Tom @ Trendstream was an absolute pleasure, and his company really are doing some fascinating research right now for anyone with an interest in the current state, and more importantly the future of the web.

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