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study into the injustices behind the Bowl Championship Series

How the BCS Diminishes College Football

At Visual Evolution, we like nothing better than getting our teeth stuck a nice juicy infographic about sports. Our friends over at in California, had seen some of our previous sporting data visualisations, and thought our style was right for their study into the injustices behind the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) in the USA. […]

The price of football

Opta – The price of football

The BBC Sport website recently published its “Price of Football” survey which worked out the cost of enjoying a day at the football for fans without season tickets. The study identified those clubs offering supporters the best value for money, and showed where football could be watched most cheaply. The survey looked at: the cost […]

London Borough Poverty Maps

[SWF], 630, 900[/SWF] This infographic is designed to illustrate how it is possible to crunch large amounts of data into a relatively small screen space, by using flash. Buttons allow the user to view the performance of London boroughs in terms of 4 key poverty indicators.  The results are mapped over an image of central […]