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Travel Weekly – Travel Survey 2010

I was approached by the lovely people at Travel Weekly magazine to look at producing some visualisations for their 2010 Travel Survey.  The images pull out key pieces of information from the survey and illustrate them in an appealing manner – at least that’s what we thought!

Local Government Chronicle (LGC) – Spheres of Influence

I was commissioned by local government-focused magazine LGC to design an A1-sized wall chart illustrating the individuals who will form the new Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition government.   Given the magazine’s focus, the chart focuses in more detail on the government ministers and advisors with council roots or experience in local government relevant to the readership. The […]

London Borough Poverty Maps

[SWF], 630, 900[/SWF] This infographic is designed to illustrate how it is possible to crunch large amounts of data into a relatively small screen space, by using flash. Buttons allow the user to view the performance of London boroughs in terms of 4 key poverty indicators.  The results are mapped over an image of central […]


Analysis of the top 50 earners in World football

An infographic looking at the 50 best rewarded footballers on the planet. I have first split the top 50 players based on their nationality, and then I took a closer look at the relative success of the clubs these players represent, hopefully illustrating the disparity between the wages paid by some clubs compared to the […]